Pure Mortal
Pure mortals are those beings that have nothing supernatural going on except, possibly, the crowd they keep.
Musts : Pure mortals cannot take any supernatural powers, to make up for this they receive a +2 refresh level bonus to start the game. If the pure mortal ever takes on a power, he loses the bonus immediately.

Champion of God
Champions are the rare few that have been chosen by the Almighty to stand against the darkness of the world. They are the strong of faith and usually a beacon against evil.
Musts : Must have a high concept that shows they are a holy warrior. Such as Knight of the Cross, etc…Good or higher Conviction.
Bless This House
Guide My Hand
Holy Touch
Options : Some of the Champions have rare items, such as the swords of power. These are items of power.
Important skills : Conviction
Minimum Refresh Cost : -5

Changelings are the children of a pairing between a human and a fae. While they can pass as human when born, they have access to their fairy parent’s powers. Each time they use these powers, however, they take a step closer to their fairy nature. this leaves them with a more fairy appearance and a much more fae-like nature. In the end, most changelings end up fully fae, tending to migrate to the nevernever because they cannot pass as human any more.
Musts : A changeling must have a high concept that shows his fairy parentage. This parentage carries with it the weaknesses of the fae. Vulnerability to iron, bindings to gift exchanges, the inability to lie, etc…
Options : It is up to your GM and you to come up with a list of powers that you might inherit from your parent. Seldom will you start with these powers due to the fact that they make you appear more fairy, but you might start with some.
Important Skills : None
Minimum Refresh Cost : -0

Emissary of Power :
Some mortals are chosen by the big-shots of the supernatural community as their liason with others. This position is one of great power…as well as great responsibility. Emissaries are commonly saddled with items of power which they can tap into on occasion. Knights of the Fae courts are examples of emissaries.
Musts : An emissary must have a high concept that reflects their pact with the higher power that they represent.
Options : Emissaries frequently have access to sponsored magic or powers, but this should be discussed and approved by the GM.
Important Skills : Varies depending on the powers taken
Minimum Refresh Cost : -1

Focused Practitioner :
While a true wizard has a working understanding of several of the spheres of power, the focused practitioner has a natural aptitude in a single sphere. He will seldom go outside that sphere, but does hold a considerable skill in the one sphere he knows.
Musts : The focused practitioner must have a high concept that names his spell-casting ability in some way. Further, he must take one of the two following skills:
Options : A practitioner may take ‘The Sight’, but it will be colored by the single sphere he possesses. For example, an ectomancer may see things in a ghastly, translucent manner, while a pyromancer may see things in the depths of flames.
Important Skills : Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Minimum Refresh Cost : -2

Knight of a Fae Court
A specialized emissary of power, there is only one knight of each season. The knights answer directly to the Queen of that season and see that the court’s interests are represented in the human world.
Musts : A knight must have a high concept that names his position and the court he is beholden to. He must also take the following:
Seelie or Unseelie magic
Marked by power
Options : You can carry facets of your previous life into your role as a knight. This means that you, with the GM’s permission, can bring in powers, item’s of power, or anything of the sort.
Important Skills : Conviction, Discipline
Minimum Refresh Cost : -5

While a were form actually becomes an animal, the lycanthrope retains his human form, but his mind becomes that of an animal. While this may not seem so frightening at first, if you couple it with an almost ‘pack’ mentality they share with other lycanthropes in the area, they can be truly frightening.
Musts : The lycanthrope must take a high concept that shows his mind-altering state. They must also take:
Human Form (involuntary change)-become the animal on the 3 nights of a full moon
Pack Instinct
Echoes of the beast
They must also take the following, which are available to them only on the 3 nights of the full moon.
Inhuman Strength
Inhuman Recovery
Options : None
Important Skills : Alertness, Endurance, investigation, Might, survival
Minimum Refresh Cost : -4

Minor Talent
Through some means or other you possess a small, limited amount of power. this could be from a long removed family member with a ‘less than human’ geneology, or just due to faith or will power. What ever the reason, you are a one-trick pony as far as power goes. This power can be very dangerous or useful in the hands of a driven and intelligent person.
Musts : The minor talent must have a high concept that shows his singular power in some way or other. He must also choose a 1 refresh cost power from the abilities to use as his minor talent.
Options : none
Important Skills : none
Minimum Refresh Cost : -1

Red Court Infected Vampire *
While a true red court vampire is a hideous bat-thing masked in a human suit, with addictive saliva, you have not become one as of yet. You have been infected but haven’t killed your first victim. If you kill your first time, you become a true red court vampire and lose the status of PC.
*Musts :
Your high concept must convey your status in the court. Further, you must take the following:
Addictive Saliva
Blood Drinker
Inhuman Speed, Strength, Recovery or Toughness (1 only)
Optional : Tattoos of St. Giles, Cloak of Shadows
Important Skills : Fists, Deceit, Discipline
Minimum Refresh Cost : -3


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